Breakwater Realty is a complete real estate company providing a range of services such as sales, leasing, property management and strata management for owners, investors and developers of income producing properties and strata councils.

We’ve worked with some of the largest names in the business, including Colliers International, Partners REIT, Anthem Properties, Grosvenor Americas, Jim Pattison Development, Roynat, the Strategic Group and many others, so we have the knowledge and expertise.

Breakwater.PeopleReal Estate Is Really About People

We knew there was a void in the market for the type of personalized service we want to provide, where the interests of our clients came before ours. We have created a new type of real estate company focused on people and their interests, and not just the buildings and dirt. If this is the type of company you want, then we want to work with you – just as we work with many others who value this approach where you come first.

Before we start working with any new client we conduct an in-depth interview to learn about your needs and goals. Only then can we translate those into a unique service plan specifically for you. It is a different way of conducting business because not one size fits all. We found the typical cookie cutter approach simply doesn’t work because it removes your individual needs and goals from the equation.

Many service providers drive profits through volume. So they remove as many variables as possible – including a personalized approach with their clients – to make their systems work. It is a complaint each of our clients have had with their former service provider and why they chose us.

Breakwater.our-expertiseReal Estate is a Knowledge Business

We are a learning organization. Knowledge is key to unlocking value. We apply our unique accumulated knowledge to serve you better daily. Better knowledge means better decisions and better results. Collectively, the principals of Breakwater Realty have more than 40 years of experience across all types of real estate including retail, office, warehouse, condominiums, bare land, etc.

Our business relationships with government, suppliers and real estate consultants benefit our clients with better service, honest advice and competitive pricing. We harness their subject matter expertise on any issue or challenge so you receive the best service possible. We are honest with you. No one person or company in the real estate industry has all the answers; because there are daily advances in technology, changes in laws, regulations and practices. So we engage our network of experts to advise us and you, when needed, rather than attempt to give you an answer we don’t fully know ourselves. That is infinite knowledge applied to your needs or challenges.

Please Contact Us to learn more and arrange a no-obligation consultation at your convenience. We’d be pleased to learn more about your property management or strata management needs.